A Global Movement

The Justice Conference is a global movement of Christ-followers passionate about living the message of Jesus and making justice a way of life.

Starting out as a group of friends wanting to gather like-minded justice-seekers in Oregon, USA, today The Justice Conference gathers in several countries around the world. We’ve had an opportunity to connect thousands of individuals around the world who share a passion to see justice flourish and God’s will done on earth.

We have learnt from each other, made changes in our communities, and most importantly—become better reconcilers, restorers, and redeemers in Christ. We are determined to keep chasing justice, together.

A Global Event

After holding events in the US for several years, The Justice Conference began partnering with others around the world to provide new events in new cultural contexts. There have been physical events in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Norway, Brazil, South Africa, Netherlands and the UK, all working towards a common goal.

Thousands of people have gathered to hear from industry leaders, politicians, missionaries, artists, poets, worshippers, creatives, and experts in their field. We’ve worshipped together, read through scripture, challenged social norms, called people to action and invited the Holy Spirit to guide and equip us in a life-long pursuit of justice.

The Justice Conference UK

In 2018, The Justice Conference was hosted in the UK for the first time. Taking place at The Drum at Wembley, London, hundreds of delegates took part in two days of creativity, community and theology. The event was hosted by Tearfund, in partnership with other UK-based charities and organisations.

In 2020, we gathered again, also in Wembley, and in May 2021, we had the third TJC event in the UK. We were all together for a global, 24 hour conference with speakers from across the world.

This year we are continuing to run events to do what we’ve always done – gather people to worship together, read through scripture, challenge social norms, and invite the Holy Spirit to guide and equip us in a life-long pursuit of justice.

See our events page for more information.