Georgia Allen

Georgia Allen is a student at the University of Exeter studying a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology and Ecology. Georgia has always held a deep devotion towards the earth, nature and its many diverse inhabitants which, alongside her faith, has encouraged her to firmly fight against environmental and climate injustice faced by the earth and its populations, including both animals and humans. As an empath, seeing inequitable actions towards vulnerable innocent beings drives her to ardently defend, protect and conserve. Accordingly, this passion primarily induced her to pursue an A-level in Environmental Science and a further education at University in conserving and protecting the environment and the biodiversity it holds. This has helped develop further strong views on educating and raising awareness for sustainability and eco-conscious methods, actions and products to help slow, reduce and eventually prevent climate change and global warming. Alongside this Georgia has been given numerous opportunities to speak up about environmental injustice, one of which recently involved formal correspondence to world leaders attending the G7 Meeting regarding empty promises and ineffective and inadequate actions attempting to limit climate change.

Written by James Cobbett