Micah Bourne & Lucee

Lucee is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. Her inspiration began with a group of young girls who she noticed had seeds of self-doubt and insecurity. She decided to search for something that could plant seeds of hope and life instead. Music was her answer. 

Micah Bournes is a poet and musician from Long Beach, California. His work often touches on themes of culture, justice, and faith. He is passionate about helping others nurture their creativity, convinced that creative expression is essential to the healing and thriving of individuals and communities . Micah is the co-editor of  the Fight Evil With Poetry Anthology, the author of “Here Comes This Dreamer” and has released 5 music albums in various genres. In 2020, Micah and Lucee co-wrote and released “Songs With Lucee”, a project with 8 original acoustic songs.

Written by Dan Preston