The time to act was yesterday, but we still have today

At The Justice Conference Global event in May 2021, Kuki Rokhum spoke powerfully of her country drowning in the second wave of COVID-19 and, at the same time, under the looming threat of a cyclone. Her experience, like that of too many others, reminds us how important these conversations around biblical justice are.

The time to act was yesterday but we still have today. When we understand the urgency of the problems we face and the impact they are having on people already facing poverty, we know we must act. Taking steps to care for creation is a response of love and worship to our Creator God and a demonstration of love for our neighbour. We can do this by living less wastefully, more simply and sustainably and we can care by speaking out for justice in our community, our country and our world.

Kuki Rokhum is part of the Senior Leadership team with EFICOR (a leading Indian Christian aid, development and relief organisation). Kuki has held many senior leadership roles in India and across the South Asia region, working passionately to educate and motivate the church to be involved in issues of justice. 

Want to act? 

Sign the petition from Renew Our World calling on governments and leaders to deliver a clean and fair recovery from the pandemic and build a sustainable future for all creation. 

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